2D Multiplayer Harry potter Game!

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2D Multiplayer Harry potter Game!

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Recently I've started searching for an Rpg, Harry potter game. After trying multiple text based Rpg's, I grew bored of "Creative writing". I wanted to SEE and BE my own VISUAL character! I wanted to actually control my character in battle, rather than writing about it! After extensive searching, I found a 2D Harry potter based game! It's called Hogwarts: A History! It's a multi-player role playing game which allows you to run around freely, and customize your avatar. Along with this, it offers a matt duelling, Quidditch, potions, & Herbology system which allows endless experimenting! You can even attend classes, taught by REAL teachers! Become an influential member of the community, and you may even be offered a teaching role! You can fight monsters varying from pixies to dragons to earn gold! It also offers magical items that you can play with! There is so much more to explore and discover!To play, head over to byond.com and create a FREE account. You can do that hereThen, you must download the Byond client, which is the game engine, the game uses. That can be done hereOnce you have done this, you are ready to enter the wizarding world! and simply click "play Now" whilst being logged into BYOND and create your Character! Once a character is created, a separate screen will pop up telling you the next steps! You may even wish to "Fan" the game, for easy access to the game! I hope that you will enjoy the game as much as I have!

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